Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips is an absolute crowd pleaser and so easy to make. Pick your favourite white fish and get cooking. For two people, you’ll need:

  • Two fillets of white fish, we used cod but haddock would do nicely too
  • Plain flour
  • Lager beer
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Oil to fry

Start with your fries. You can of course use frozen but we recommend you step up your game and try our beautiful Triple Cooked Fries, you won’t regret it! You should also make our Homemade Tartare sauce because it’s great.

For the start of the dish, get your fish ready, trimming any ugly edges and checking for any remaining bones, then pat dry with kitchen towel and add a pinch of salt on each side.

For the batter, place 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of beer and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix well until it resembles the below consistency. No need to add any baking powder, turmeric or anything else, this is pure, unadulterated, real English fish and chips batter. Simple!

On a plate, put some plain flour, salt and pepper and mix. Now cover the fish fillets with this flour and shake off any excess, then throw in the batter until well coated.


If you like mushy peas, now’s the time to make them. If using frozen, boil a handful of peas, then drain and put back in the empty pan. If using a can, empty it in the pan! Add a good squeeze of lemon, 1 teaspoon of mint sauce (or a spring of fresh mint, finely chopped) and salt and pepper to taste. Heat through and mash the peas as much as you want, we like it with quite some chunks left in.

Heat your deep fryer to 175 degrees and carefully slip in the fish. Fry until the batter is that beautiful golden colour, the fish will be perfectly cooked inside.

Serve with the Triple Cooked Chips -with Malt vinegar, of course-, mushy peas, tartare sauce and a good wedge of lemon, which you can grill on a pan for that extra touch. Voila!



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