Glorious Cheese Toastie

Ahhhh… cheese… is there anything more comforting? Yes, melted cheese in butteredĀ bread, also known as a cheese toastie. We have worked very hard to find the right cheese and method and we want to tell you ALL about it.

For 2 toasties you will need:

  • 90 g Mature Cheddar – grate it yourself!
  • 50 g Red Leicester or Smoked Applewood
  • 2 cheese single slices
  • 4 slices of bread, preferably sourdough or tiger bread loaf in sandwich shape, works better than loaf
  • 50 g butter


Get a non-stick pan super hot then turn it to medium. We go to maximum (9) for a couple of minutes, then turn it down to 6.

Grate the cheeses, mix them well and leave aside. Slice the bread as thick or thin as you like it, we usually do a little under 1cm per slice. Now place the slice of cheap cheese on, this may sound awful but it gives the toastie great melted texture so trust us on this one.

Take the other slice of bread and butter lightly on the outside. Leave aside for the moment and place the rest of the butter on the pan.

Go in with the bread that has the cheese on. Now take a handful of the mixed grated cheese and press it to the middle of the bread on the pan, distributing it evenly and adding more if needed. Don’t over do it though, you want a layer about 0.5 cm thick. Ground some black pepper if you like it.

Let the cheese melt for a couple of minutes, until the bread is starting to brown. Place the other slice of bread on top, butter facing up, and turn the toastie around carefully with the help of a spatula. Use the same tool to press the toastie down slightly. Once the bread has browned, remove from the pan and ENJOY!


You can get creative with some toppings too, just add them on top of the grated cheese. Sliced jalapenos give it a great kick, thinly sliced (and lightly fried) chorizo is the ultimate treat or any of your leftover meat from a Sunday Roast will take it to the next level!

Look at that gooey goodness!

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